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1. The Truth Is Lyin' Next To You by randy travis

  • Published: Unknown
The Truth Is Lyin' Next To You

lyin The truth is lyin next to you Truth is I'm gonna be here for a long long time I'll stay forever or til you say goodbye Don't need a neon moon to make my night shine And if you need some lovin proof Just reach out The truth is lyin next to you Over phone lines and back fences We're the...

2. I'd Be Lyin by blackberry smoke

  • Published: Unknown
I'd Be Lyin

you what to do you can believe what you wanna believe but let me tell you what’s the truth Chorus Baby I I’d be lyin like all those two faced back stabbin double talkers tryin to get to you If I could you know I would be comin right back home where I belong I’d be lyin next to you Call you...

3. The World is Filled.. by notorious b i g

  • Published: Unknown
The World is Filled..

the game always say the right lines Had a few prostitues and if you knew the truth They're like pimps you can't let em do it to you She ain't no sucker I know that bitch man She wanna be a Pretty Woman lovin a rich man Now here you come drop top ridin You ain't no pimp fake nigga stop lyin...

4. Lie To Me by joan jett and the blackhearts

  • Published: Unknown
Lie To Me

lyin next to me I'll try to believe you when you lie to me In the mornin I'll set you free But tonight be kind and baby Lie to me even if it's just for tonight Make if feel like it used to be Come on lie to me you don't have to look in my eyes When you're lyin next ot me I'll try to believe you...

5. Love On The Line by gretchen wilson

  • Published: Unknown
Love On The Line

you in my head Lyin next to the thing that you don't know I did I could tell on myself but I don't think that I have the nerve If I lose you I know that It's what I deserve In a way I'm glad that my guilt keeps Fallin on me like rain And at the...

6. Can't Turn You Down by jon pardi

  • Published: Unknown
Can't Turn You Down

you and me alone Turns into tangled up on my couch with you Slipping your kisses right across my mouth That turns into a later on Later on lights turn down Cause I can't turn you down I can say that I ain't pickin up next time I could say I don't want it but I'd be lyin Cause baby the truth...

7. The Greatest by t i

  • Published: Unknown
The Greatest

you niggaz wanna touch my cash The 40 cal's in the stash and when I touch I blast Televison's in the dash suede roof in the coupe I'm the one nigga young niggaz knew it's the truth And the...

8. Next Level by futuristic

  • Published: Unknown
Next Level

the same beat as the rest of you the radio is terrible they sent me here to rescue you My album dropped and got the best reviews I'm a teacher got an F for you but got so little time to lecture you You can catch me at the local bar goin hard spittin fire like I'm Charizard up out the...

9. I Can't Hear The Music by loretta lynn

  • Published: Unknown
I Can't Hear The Music

the truth No matter how hard it was to hear When he said "I believe in you It was music to my ears Chorus Oh each words like a note Like a beautiful tune The kind that inspires And helps me get through Ah if I said I can't He's say you...

10. Boys To Men by pastor troy

  • Published: Unknown
Boys To Men

the soul Ayo on this joint right here man we bout to just break it down to you Man just the transition to becoming..a man This from the heart That some of yall gone have to go through man everybody on the sound Of my voice This from the...

11. The Cost by xavier wulf

  • Published: Unknown
The Cost

you Suddenly your Mr Distant Takumi Good luck with your buddy in the Mercedes Now leave me the hell alone Xavier I let the ice water flood from out the cabinets They was lyin if they told you I was heaven sent You see bloody pages all on my own bucket list Now I really miss the...

12. Told You So by t i

  • Published: Unknown
Told You So

you so They thought that Outkast closed the door And Ludacris came in and sold his 4? Man I told you so The Mac C-Rod Kuntry and Dro And AK had the coldest flow Nigga I told you so I said the future was right up under your nose You thought the south wouldn't explode no more Remember I told you...

13. Waiting On You by nesian mystik

  • Published: Unknown
Waiting On You

you is ya ain't you will ya won't ain't no half steppin the question either ya do you don't ain't no ultimatium subsiding the under lyin point need you back to earth with me like a flip of a coin it's flippin annoying but you the...

14. No More To Say by trick trick

  • Published: Unknown
No More To Say

You witnessed the ass whoopin bones got broke When the 50-cal blast couldn't last through the smoke As you choke pay attention bear winess to this motherfucker twitchin You excited cause none of the bullets hit you they missed you And we ain't trippin wasn't after you But you...

15. The Ice Box by xavier wulf

  • Published: Unknown
The Ice Box

the fuckin Hell to the nah Hell nah Hell nah oh Hell to the nah Oh Hell to the nah oh Hell to the nah Hell nah Hell nah oh Hell to the nah Oh Hell to the nah Hell nah hell nah Oh Hell to the nah oh Hell to the nah Oh Hell to the fuckin nah oh Hell to the nah Hell nah Hell nah oh Hell to the...

16. The Mind by krs one

  • Published: Unknown
The Mind

you think it's time to advance the rhyme we spit Whether you know it or not you deep in politics All inside of it in fact YOU the issue Don't let this government diss you They really do not want you to vote They really do not want you to hope They really want you sniffin they coke You...

17. Tried To Be Nice by witt lowry

  • Published: Unknown
Tried To Be Nice

you to think I'm jealous of you You're lame and never made anything but balls turn blue Tellin the truth And when offended then I'm talkin bout you And I'm talkin bout you Stupid ass bitch Fuck you you you and you...

18. Cold Blooded by devlin

  • Published: Unknown
Cold Blooded

the human thing it went beyond that into entities that are anything but human TV just lies they just manipulate the truth What you need to understand is the Government runs the news So is it true XXXX fathered a baby I don't really think so if you...

19. Don't Trust 'Em by hopsin

  • Published: Unknown
Don't Trust 'Em

you about to fall in love you need to think twice on it cause girls are trifflin they’ll start lyin when they invite you in Have you feeling like the man you think you found a keeper Girls have said they love you but when she say it the sound is sweeter You...

20. What Do Ya Know About Love by lita ford

  • Published: Unknown
What Do Ya Know About Love

you run from the truth Spreadin yourself all over town What do you know about love There's a lot more to it than lyin down The day will come you take a long hard look in the mirror And your pretty face starts to look a little rough What do you know about love What do you know about love How can you...